Automotive Diagnostic Services.

Specialize in fixing issues that cause dash lights to illuminate/driveability problems whilst driving. The following are some examples of lights that illuminate.

NB: In some cases, multiple lights can be illuminated due to some issues or multiple illuminated lights can be caused by a single issue. In some other cases, lights may not illuminate even when a fault is present.

Why you can rely on us.

We stand by our recommendations. Once we diagnose and report on your vehicles issue, if you have this issue repaired and the problem still persists. We will revisit and diagnose for free. If we have completed the repair, all labour and travel will be provided free of charge until the issue is repaired.

Fees and charges:

Our rate includes 1 hour diagnosing and travelling to the vehicle location

How the process works:

  • Call or email us, with as much details as possible. Describe your issue to us, observations including sounds, vibrations, knocking, or performance issues during certain stages of driving are all helpful in diagnosing the issue.
  • We arrange a time and location for us to inspect your vehicle Using the allotted hour, while taking into account your initial observations to narrow the scope of investigation, we will diagnose any potential issues your car might be experiencing.
  • If the problem cannot be found, we look further. If we require additional time due to the issue being more elusive or complicated than 1 hour allows, we will advise how much estimate time will be required to complete the diagnosis.
  • Once diagnosis is complete, you are now able to have the vehicle repaired. Now that we know what's wrong, something can be done. We can repair your vehicle, sometimes on the spot, or you can have your preferred mechanic complete the repair with our recommendation in hand.

Car Brands we can source parts for.
Car Brands we can source parts for.